Upon receipt of your completed application, we will first contact your veterinarian reference.  We ask that all of your current pets be spayed/neutered, up to date on routine vaccinations, as appropriate, have a recent heartworm test, and receive reliable heartworm preventative.   If your current pets are not spayed or neutered, we will request you either have them altered or explain why they aren’t.  If you are actively showing your dog in conformation or they have been determined medically at risk from the surgery, we will take this into consideration.  When questions from your application and veterinarian reference have been addressed, we will find a volunteer to stop by and meet with you.  This meeting will help us to help you find the right dog for your home and family.  We want to ensure the dogs we place will match your expectations and lifestyle.  Please visit our available page for more information.

Finding a volunteer to meet with you may take a little time, and we ask for your patience.  We are a small organization of volunteers with no paid employees.