Surrendering Your Doberman

Doberman Paw does take owner surrenders.  We will require a written profile to be submitted and a volunteer to meet and evaluate your dog before we will accept it into our program.  

Besides owner surrenders, many of our available dogs come from Shelters, Animal Control, and Good Samaritans.  Our incoming dogs are placed into foster homes where they are treated as part of the family.  We learn more about them through this process, and it gives us the opportunity to enjoy them as they help us find their forever home.

Due to a shortage of available foster homes, there may be a waiting list for incoming dogs.  This wait can be anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks.  We do work with shelters and adjust our incoming list by severity of each situation, neglect, and/or endangerment.

If you can help foster while we start the search for your dog’s new home, it can help make this process easier for all involved, including your dog.

Contact us at if you are considering the option of surrendering.  

We may have other resources to help you keep your dog – or help find him/her a new home.


If you have a Doberman you are interested in surrendering, please contact us.  We may have the solution to help you keep your pet.  If surrendering is the best option, we will ask for your dog’s history and some photos.  With the returned profile, we can start working on foster space and finding a new home for your dog.  We will ask for your assistance in bringing your pet up to date on routine vaccinations, heartworm testing, and having them spayed/neutered.  We understand this may not be possible, but we are here to work with you on the best solutions.  We also ask you to help transport to an area close to our open foster home or to meet your dog before surrendering it to evaluate them in person.  Please visit our re-homing page for more information.

Needing to surrender your dog is a difficult decision that is not taken lightly. The last thing we want to see is a loving family broken up. As a rescue, we may be able to offer suggestions or resources if you are reluctantly considering surrendering your dog. Please consider these options before surrendering your dog.
Are you moving somewhere that doesn’t accept dogs or the breed/size?
Larger apartment/condo complexes usually have stricter rules regarding size/breeds. We recommend making calls to several individually listed places to check on their policies before making the decision to surrender your dog. Many real estate agents also match renters to apartments. Please call around to some local agents to see if they may be able to help you. Please email, and we can offer you some ideas to help you find a place to move with your dog.
Can you not afford an expensive medical procedure?
While we cannot offer to pay for your dog’s surgery or get you the rescue discount, we can point you in the direction of vets with lower prices for basic care up to complicated surgeries. If you own a Doberman, a foundation for this very case exists to help you. Dobermans in a Pinsch may be able to provide financial assistance to keep your family together. Please email to see what your options are first.
Are your dogs not getting along together?
Please contact us, and we can connect you with one of our trainers to see if the situation can be helped with training.
Did you lose your job or you cannot afford to feed your dog?
There are pet food pantries and other resources for this very situation. Please email for a list of help near you.
If you still find yourself needing to surrender your dog, please fill out the appropriate form and email it back to with clear photos of your dog. We will let you know where to bring your dog if we have room. We cannot remove a dog from your property.
Owner Surrender
Shelter Surrender