When your first two weeks of life are filled with pain and discomfort – everyone wonders how things will prevail.  When your first rescue experience is strangers watching your every movement  – you wonder what they are waiting for.  When you have surgery and recover with new friends – you know that everything will be okay.

When everyone worries if you will get what you need to be happy and well adjusted without your litter and momma – then they come through with a perfect replacement situation – you give back every ounce of your spirit and soul from that point on.

This is what Bosco is to everyone that had the joy of touching his life.  He was a remarkable example of everything that is possible with only love and commitment.  From the rescuers that first touched him – to all those that helped guide his journey on earth – he thanks you for making it possible.  He knows he gave every ounce of who he was to everyone he saw.  DMC took him far too young – but he lives in all of us and reminds us daily that things happen for a reason, allowing hope for the future.