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Doberman Pinscher Assistance of Wisconsin Inc (Doberman Paw) is a community
benefit rescue organization consisting of volunteers dedicated to educating on the
Doberman breed and assisting the well being of Dobermans in Wisconsin.

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Upon receipt of your completed application, we will first contact your veterinarian reference.  
We ask that all of you current pets be spayed/neutered, up to date on routine vaccinations,
as appropriate, have a current negative heartworm test and receiving a reliable heartworm
preventative.   If your current pets are not spayed or neutered, we will request you either have
them altered or explain why they aren't.  If you are actively showing your dog in conformation
or they have been determined medically at risk from the surgery, we will take this into
consideration.  When questions from your application and veterinarian reference have been
addressed, we will work to find a volunteer to stop by and meet with you.  This meeting will
help us to help you find the right dog for your home and family.  We want to ensure the dogs
we place match your expectations and lifestyle.  Please visit our available page for more

Finding a volunteer to meet with you may take us a little bit of time, we ask for your patience.
We are a small organization of volunteers with no paid employees.  We do rescue work around
our families, jobs and other commitments.  

If you have a Doberman you are interested in surrendering, please contact us.  We may have the
solution to help you keep your pet.  If surrendering is the best option, we will ask for your dog's
history and some photos.  With the returned profile, we can start working on foster space and
finding a new home for your dog.  We will ask for your assistance in bringing your pet up to date
on routine vaccinations, heartworm testing and having them spayed/neutered.  We understand this
may not be possible, we are here to work with you on the best solutions.  We also ask you
to help transport to an area close to our open foster home or to meet your dog before surrender
to evaluate them in person.  Please visit our re homing page for more information.

We are always ready to welcome new volunteers.  Rescue work can be a very fulfilling venture.  
It is all about helping loving families and very deserving Dobermans find each other to create a
bond like no other.  Any amount of time can help and there are many areas in which to share
your talents.  If you aren't sure how you can help, please email and we'll offer more information
on your areas of interest.  Please visit our volunteer page for more information.  Check out our
donate page for other ways you can help through igive, isearch and other affiliate programs.

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