Who can resist this face? 

Cooper is here due to a sudden lifestyle change in his family. He is playful and respectful of his older foster sister, and learning that cats have a different concept of “personal space”. He leaves his kitty cohabitants alone when told to back off. He is a fast learner and very motivated by his favorite fetch toy or tasty snacks. He waits for his queue to eat dinner and crates at bedtime without a peep all night (although he’d much prefer to cuddle with his humans). Cooper is vocal about protecting his yard and will need more work on leash manners. He will need a family with a fenced-in yard to play fetch and run laps when he gets a case of the zoomies. He has proven escape-artist skills. Training – training – training is what this boy is looking for. He could do well with older children. He would be best as an only dog or with an assertive female to help guide him.

Doberman Paw Rescue places dogs in Wisconsin.